Shortfield Common

Shortfield Common Management Plan 2015-2018

Following consultation with residents around Shortfield Common and having taken specialist advice as necessary, the Parish Council approved a plan for the management of the Common at its meeting on 12 November 2014. The plan is based on the following vision:

‘Shortfield Common should remain, in perpetuity, an attractive natural feature of the village for the quiet enjoyment of the public, valued for its amenity and nature conservation benefits, and managed accordingly.’

The millenium tree and bench

The circular teak seat has now become a reality after a long period of selecting a location both in a prominent, visible and convenient position for the use and enjoyment for the Community. The delay in achieving the project was partly due to uncertainties over whether the Council had a legal right to site a seat on land, which it did not have title to. This has now been resolved and the Council has legal title to Shortfield Common.
The position of the seat was determined by the planting of the Millennium Oak, the impact of which was generally lost by the immediate wooded surroundings. the setting has now changed with the seat being built around the tree.

The seat, which is set on a paved surround, is in high quality environmentally sustainable Teak, which should weather and eventually take on a grey appearance and hence be maintenance free, not requiring annual treatment and should last a lifetime. The back is hand carved in the round with details of the Queens Jubilee. The turfed area around the seat will be maintained by the Parish Council, treat it as a meadow rather than your garden lawn finish.

The project is almost completed with the outstanding works being the installation of a few chestnut posts to prevent cars parking and alert children of the edge, strimming the immediate surrounding area, lopping some lower branches of the Oak Tree to assist the tree to grow upwards and felling two spindly trees to give daylight and space to the surrounding trees including the Oak.

The area is for the enjoyment of the Community and it is hoped to keep it in a tidy condition with no litter and no dog fouling. Please take that all home with you. We have decided for the sake of appearance and natural habitat not to place a litterbin in the wood.