Frensham and Churt Parish Councils are working jointly

Published: 02 June 2020

namely Frensham Great and Little Ponds and The Flashes. Huge volumes of visitors descended upon Frensham Great Pond over the May Bank Holiday weekend causing chaos to the area and surrounding roads. As a result both Parish Councils reacted speedily and urgent discussions took place together with Surrey County Councillor, David Harmer and Waverley Borough Councillor, Julia Potts. A Joint Acton Group was established, led by Waverley Borough Council and consisting of representatioves of Waverley Borough Council, SCC Highways, Surrey Police and the National Trust. Extra measures were put in place to control visitor numbers and parking last weekend which helped to improve the situation.

We have now requested Waverley Borough Council to add East Hampshire District Council and Hampshire Police to the Joint Action Group as the traffic problems also extend into Hampshire.

Unfortunately there is no quick fix. Current focus is to manage the situation in the short term over the coming days and weeks, with the ultimate aim of seeking a long term solution. There are many things to consider including double yellow lines and/or rural clearways. We will also not lose sight of the situation in Jumps Road, but unfortunately processes for these to be implemented are not quick and easy.

Very valid concerns have also been raised about the appalling littering situation and the risk of woodland and common fires due to the use of BBQs. We are pleased that Waverley Borough Council has increased the numbers of litter wardens and also the provision of large litter receptacles. Volunteer teams from both Churt and Frensham Parishes have also been assisting with litter collection.

Both councils would like to reassure residents that we are doing all we can to ameliorate and ultimately resolve this situation.

You can download a copy of this notice here